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Plating Processes/Specifications 2

Zinc Plating
Federal Specification:  QQ-Z-325a
Federal Specification:  QQ-P-35, MIL-S-5002
Passivating maximizes corrosion protection and cleans the surface of parts that
accumulate during forming, machining, tumbling and lapping.
Copper Plating
Federal Specification:  Mil-C-14550
.0010 in   Class I
.00050 in Class 2
.00020 in Class 3
.001-.005 in Class 0
.001 in         Class 1
.0005 in       Class 2
.0002 in Class 3
.0001 in Class 4
Zinc Plated
Zinc plating provides protection against
corrosion for steel components. Zinc plating and
Passivation provides double protection
Copper plating is an Electro deposited process
that is widely used as underplates in
multiple-plate requirements